Hi! I'm Matteo

I make games and teach people how to start making games

Want me to run a workshop?

I design and facilitate the Beesness Classes playful masterclasses to energise your team, practice collaboration and solve real problems. Making games to make team building both fun and purposeful!

PLAY When I was a kid, I spent many afternoons playing videogames. A few years later, I learned to code so that I could hack together a game about ancient Greek philosophy. Then went on to build digital toys for the BBC and the Science Museum, and teach game design at universities around the UK.

MAKE As a grown-up, I’m still obsessed with games, but not your typical kill-everyone-loot-everything type game. I draw inspiration from social issues and current events to make games that provoke what I call minimum playable dilemmas.

LEARN I believe games have a huge expressive potential. They can make complex systems understandable, and empower people to engage with tough questions. It’s more than just playing games. We can have the most transformative learning experiences when we make games.

Want to play my games?

Check out Fading Memories our cooperative twist on the classic Memory, in which you all work together to prevent memory loss by telling personal stories.

Want to learn more?

Go to medium.com/@baddeo where I post about projects I'm working on, and games that get people thinking, talking and exploring real-world challenges.